We offer services through Telehealth, allowing patients to see their provider from their home or office using either a computer or smartphone. Once our staff has scheduled you for a Telehealth appointment, please find your clinician’s photo below to click into their virtual waiting room.

Need help installing the Telehealth app?  Watch our instruction videos: For Smartphones  |  For Computers


Michael Bolton, MD

Room Code for App: bolton

Daniel Coulter, MD

Room Code for App: coulter

Sofia Encarnacion, MD

Room Code: encarnacion

Danielle Lopez, MD

Room Code for App: dlopez

Adham Malaty, MD

Room Code for App: malaty

Mikhail Meyerovich, MD

Room Code: meyerovich

Barry Mills, MD, PhD

Room Code: sbbh-bmills

Psychologists & Therapists

Larry Bascom, PhD

Room Code for App: lbascom

Sara Bazan, MFT

Room Code for App: sbazan

Karen Cowdrey, LCSW

Room Code for App: kcowdrey

Anna Drake
Anna Drake, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-adrake

Bradford Durian, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-bdurian

Dean Given, PhD

Room Code for App: given

Ryan Herald, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-rherald

Madeleine Mauk, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-mmauk

Joann Olejnik, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-jolejnik

Ronald Pilato, PsyD

Room Code for App: sbbh-rpilato

Joan Porter, MFT

Room Code for App: porter

Joan Sandberg, PhD

Room Code for App: jsandberg

Ann Stephens, MFT

Room Code: sbbh-astephens

Kathy Taylor, PhD

Room Code: sbbh-ktaylor

Amy Tetalman, MFT

Room Code for App: atetalman