Sofia Encarnacion, M.D.

Dr. EncarnacionDr. Sofia Encarnacion has devoted her life to the identification, treatment and alleviation of patient discomfort through a carefully crafted mixture of caring, listening, and application of the most advanced therapeutic techniques and medications.  In her many years of patient treatment, first as a clinical psychologist then as a psychiatrist, Dr. Encarnacion has developed particular expertise in the treatment of Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, female sexual medicine and life coaching.  Her upbringing in the Caribbean and South America along with her fluency in the Spanish and English languages have uniquely qualified her to successfully treat patients from diverse  cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Dr. Encarnacion trained and practiced at Cedars Sinai Hospital, a world-renowned psychiatric and medical facility in Los Angeles, California, and remains an attending psychiatrist there.  Contemporaneously, Dr. Encarnacion maintained a very successful private practice in Beverly Hills, California and accepted the position of Director of Psychiatric Services at El Dorado Community Services, a community based psychiatric facility. Thereafter, Dr. Encarnacion undertook employment as a Director of Psychiatric Services at Community Psychiatry Associates in the San Francisco California bay area. Dr. Encarnacion now practices outpatient psychiatry in association with Santa Barbara Behavioral Health.