Richard Steinberg, Ph.D

Richard Steinberg, Ph.D Dr. Steinberg has been a psychologist in private practice in Santa Barbara for over thirty years and also consulted in Psychology at Sansum Clinic  from 1981 until retiring from Sansum in March 2019. He is a past-president of the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association, was the first recipient of its Jerry H. Clark Distinguished Psychologist Award, is a recipient of the Silver Psi award of the California Psychological Association, and is on the medical staff at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in the Department of Psychiatry. He conducts a general practice of psychology, with emphasis on individual, marital, and family psychotherapy. He has extensive training and experience in multiple psychotherapy modalities and specializes particularly in Redecision Therapy, an integration of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy, having trained for many years in this methodology with its originators, Robert Goulding, M.D. and Mary Goulding, M.S.W. (see the book, CHANGING LIVES THROUGH REDECISION THERAPY, by Goulding & Goulding), and has given professional trainings in Redecision Therapy for psychotherapists throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. His approach to psychotherapy is to facilitate the client making positive changes in thoughts, feelings, wishes, and/or behaviors, dependent on the client’s particular goals and as quickly as feasible. He also specializes in facilitating resolution of unresolved grief, as all manner of unresolved losses (of persons, material things, financial, country, physical functioning, abilities, job, career, aspirations, pets and other tangible and intangible losses) often underlie depression, anxiety, relationship concerns and other psychological impasses.